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Name:Cassandra Ironbachs
I am Cassie, aged 24 years on this mortal coil, and I am an intellectually superior member of fandom. I despise all main characters, for they are cut from the same stereotypical cloth and only serve to steal the spotlight from more deserving characters.

Interests (132):

aang is a douche, agreeing with mila, anti-4chan, anti-fangirls, anti-incest, anti-mary sue, anti-netspeak, anti-threesomes, antiheroes, arguing, arguing with alyssia, arguing with janet, bashing main characters, being a bitch, being a hypocrite, being a kuudere, being a soapbox sadie, being a unique snowflake, being an armchair therapist, being an entitlement whore, being an sjw, being bossy, being condescending, being critical, being elitist, being opinionated, being pretentious, being right, being snobby, being stuck up, being stuffy, better than you, bleach, books, bridget is pathetic, callout culture, chobits, clamp, complaining, complexity, condor joe, critical thinking, daisy's better than peach, darker and edgier, deconstruction, defrosting ice queen, drama, editorials, esmeralda is an idiot, essays, excessive angst, final fantasy viii, fire emblem, fushigi yuugi, gary's better than ash, gordon is an ape, hating badfic, hating fanbrats, hating main pairings, hating mary sues, heroes are gary stus, heroines are mary sues, intelligence, interesting characters, issue fics, italics abuse, joe is annoying, jun deserves better, katara deserves better, literature, looking down my nose, lucy is delusional, luigi's the true hero, macros are not funny, magic knight rayearth, making people feel insecure, manga, martina is a bitch, melodrama, miaka's a mary sue, milos is immature, missy is an ape, mittens is disgusting, my pet bunnies, nitpicking, not cat urine, not like cori falls, obscure characters, occasionally petting the dog, painting the hero black, patrick is appalling, pokemon, poking bridget's nerves, pretentious meta, protecting nancy, purple prose, pwning macho apes, ralph is immature, ranting, realism in fanfic, rod is disgusting, ron the death eater, ruining people's fun, sailor moon, science ninja team gatchaman, scolding people, secondary characters, single issue wonks, slayers, snark, snuffing out offtopic bitchfights, soapboxing, sorcerer hunters, spiritbending is an asspull, stephanie is annoying, stuart is a fool, subtext, sue is a brat, super mario, thinking i'm elite, threatening to have mittens fixed, tl;dr, tragic loners, trisha is an airhead, true heroes sacrifice things, turning comic relief into angst, typing properly, usagi's a mary sue, using characters as mouthpieces, villians, zacharias is an idiot, zuko's the true hero
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